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Bookish Gifts for Shakespeare Lovers

April 17, 2016 0 Comments

A few days ago I shared some ideas on how to celebrate Shakespeare’s month. I hope you’re taking advantage! Today I want to share with you some Shakespeare inspired bookish gifts that might be the perfect present for you or someone you know. For the Home Literary Prints by Creative Daffodil Studio, inspired by Shakespearean plays. These will make any library or reading room truly stand out. Apparel Also by Creative Daffodil Studio these literary t-shirts make a great gift! Wear them to a book club event, a visit to the library, or better yet, to the theater for a Shakespeare play! ...

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Seven Ways to Celebrate Shakespeare's Month

April 01, 2016 0 Comments

  Let us carry out a simple experiment. Approach 10 people you know and ask them who is the most famous author they know. I bet you a bookmark, or two, that a large percentage of them will mention William Shakespeare; deservingly so, since there has been no other author as prolific, engaging, and imaginative as this literary representative of the English people. His authorship may be disputed, his masterpieces somewhat inaccessible due to the complexity of Elizabethan English, but his mastery and superiority is impossible to argue against. Shakespeare left us on April 23rd, 1616. This Apri...

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Read To Succeed: Five Exceptional Benefits

March 19, 2016 0 Comments

“Reading is fundamental” How many times have you heard the phrase? In my case, I’ve lost count. Yet the simplicity of the sentence belies its truism. Reading is indeed fundamental, I’d even venture to say essential. Beyond basic education and literacy reading holds the key to your ultimate success. How so? Let us explore… Communication Words are like the basic ingredients from which a complex meal arises. A good speaker, like a great chef, holds the power to control others and their senses through the careful combination of verbs and adjectives. Anyone can be convinced to do just about any...

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Sizing Chart
Literary T-shirt Sizing Chart

Chest (A) 30.5 in
32.5 in
82.5 cm
34.5 in
87.6 cm
36.5 in
92.7 cm
39.5 in
100.3 cm
42.5 in
108 cm
Length (B) 24.75 in
63 cm
25.5 in
64.8 cm
26 in
66 cm
26.5 in
67.3 cm
27.25 in
69.2 cm
28 in
71.1 cm

Chest (C) 38 in
96.5 cm
41 in
104.1 cm
44 in
111.8 cm
48 in
121.9 cm
52 in
132.1 cm
56 in
142.2 cm
Length (D) 28 in
71.1 cm
29 in
73.6 cm
30 in
76.2 cm
31 in
78.7 cm
32 in
81.3 cm
33 in
83.8 cm

Chest (E) 37 in
94 cm
40 in
101.6 cm
43 in
109.2 cm
47 in
119.4 cm
51 in
129.5 cm
Length (F) 28 in
71.1 cm
29 in
73.6 cm
30 in
76.2 cm
31 in
78.7 cm
32 in
81.3 cm
Sleeve Length 26.0in
66 cm
67.3 cm
27.0 in
68.6 cm
27.5 in
70 cm
28 in
71.1 cm

Measurement Notes:
Chest is measured 1" below armhole.
Body length in the front from highest point of shoulder.
Sleeve length from shoulder edge