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Jules Verne: Setting Foot on the Moon

by Mylene Almeida February 08, 2016 0 Comments

Jules Verne Vintage Adventure Books

 “Ah! Young people, travel if you can, and if you cannot – travel all the same!”

- Jules Verne

As an adult I've had the pleasure of traveling a small fraction of the world and the experiences I've accumulated in a few short years have been transcendental and unforgettable. But long, long before I set foot on a plane I had already seen most of the world...and beyond. From 1988 to 1992 I glided in a balloon across our sphere, saw the Pacific, and felt the lethal cold of the poles, where the sun is nothing more than an oblique thought; I was viciously attacked by a sea monster and landed in a mysterious island; I felt the heat at the center of the Earth and finally, in what turned out to be the crowning achievement of my youth, I set foot on the moon.

Reflecting on so many achievements I feel immense gratitude for my great guide, the hand that held me tight when all seemed lost, my very own Jules Verne, who not only kept me alive through so many hazards, but proved, without an ounce of doubt, that we should all strive for discovery and adventure.

For what are we in the end without adventure? What if we all chose the path most traveled? There would have been no Neil Armstrong, no Magellan or Pizarro or Columbus, no Cousteau or Sacagawea. Such are the perils of choosing comfort over toil, over suffering, over greatness.

Any man can fill the mold, can breathe, can talk and eat. But few are the trailblazers, the ones that live with purpose, that fear no height, no distance, cold or heat; that see a life of risk as a life not wasted.

Mylene Almeida
Mylene Almeida


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